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Shades and Blinds:
Inside mount means taking the measurement inside your window frame.
Consider the depth of your window frame to allow for adequate mounting of your
treatment. At least 2 is required for most treatments. Check for any handles or
cranks inside the window frame. To be sure the window is square take
measurements in 3 places, at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. If the
measurement differs by1/2 consider going with an outside mount.
  A. Starting with the width, after you have measured in 3 places, use the
  smallest number as your ordering measurement.
  B. Measure the height at 3 places, left side, middle and right side, use the
  smallest number as your ordering measurement.
Outside mount means taking the measurement outside your window
frame, moulding to moulding. This type of mounting is used when you
want to make a window appear larger, hide unattractive windows or do
not have enough room to mount inside the window frame. . Be sure you
check for any fixtures, wall plates, etc. to be sure you have enough room.
  A. Starting with the width, measure the total area you wish to cover. Rule
  of thumb is to take the exact moulding to moulding measurement and
  add 2 on either side.
  B. Measure the height of the total area you wish to cover. Be sure
  you have at least 2 of flat surface above the window for mounting
  allowance. Decide if you would like the treatment to rest on the
  window sill or below it (this may cause the treatment to bulge out at
  this point).
Decide what finished width you would like the drapery. Rule of thumb is
to measure the window, moulding to moulding and then add 4 to either side of
the measurement. This will be the finished width of each panel you need to
order. If the product comes in pairs then check the total width of both panels.
Take into consideration if the draperies will be closed over the entire window, or
used just on each side of the window.

Decide where you would like the height of the panel to begin, i.e. 4 above
the window frame and where you would like it to end, i.e., just touching the
flooring. These measurements will give you the finished length of the panel. Be
sure to take into consideration tabs or rod pockets. You can choose to have the
draperies floor length or sill length.
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